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East Kentucky Power Cooperative seeks rate increase


COVID-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, (Coronavirus), Grayson R.E.C.C. will observe precautions as suggested by the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control. 

Therefore, we ask our members:

1.  To limit face to face contact with the office.  We have several methods you can use to pay your bill, including on line, over the phone, through the drive-thru and by mail.

2.  Outages can be reported by phone or text at any time.

Trouble-Shoot a High Bill


Do you think your power bill is too high? If so, use these 10 steps to find out why.

STEPS TO RESOLUTION: Here are the steps to resolving a high bill issue. These steps are
numbered in order of importance based upon actual prior experience solving customer problems. Those at the bottom of the list are seldom the cause of the problem. Answer these questions to fully understand the usage of electricity in your home.

Important Information for PrePay Accounts

Effective immediately for All PrePay Accounts: According to #16 of the PrePay Agreement, ‘A prepay account will be disconnected …regardless of weather/temperature as the member is responsible for ensuring that the prepay account is adequately funded.’ Please make sure that your PrePay account has funding at all times to ensure your account is not disconnected.

60-Acre Solar Farm Offers Benefits of Renewable Power to Grayson RECC Members

Construction is under way on a 60-acre solar farm in Kentucky, and Grayson RECC’s members will have an opportunity reap the benefits for their home or business.

Grayson RECC and the 15 other co-ops of Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives are partnering to build the not-for-profit Cooperative Solar Farm One, which will feature 32,300 solar panels when it is completed in November.

Grayson RECC offers Easy, Affordable Renewable Solar Energy

Cooperative Solar Offers Co-op Members

Easy, Affordable Renewable Solar Energy


Members of Grayson RECC now can tap into renewable solar energy for their home or business without the headaches of installing and maintaining solar panels themselves.


Don’t Forget Pets in Winter Safety Preparation and Precautions

Don’t Forget Pets in Winter Safety Preparation and Precautions

Winter weather—with its cold temperatures and with families spending increased time indoors—can bring its own set of safety hazards. From shock and fire risks to power outages, safety preparations and precautions are not only for people, but for pets as well. Take steps to ensure your furry family stays safe this winter.

Grayson RECC Offers Scholarships



Talk About Electrical Safety with Your Children


Talk About Electrical Safety with Your Children

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